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Do you have in-depth knowledge and relevant experience in the functioning of the European Institutions and their processes as well as their internal procedures (political and legislative)? Are you a team player and a listener with the ability to guide and grow the team’s capacities?

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Standardization is all around us. Ensuring a safer world for citizens, responding to the needs of industry, meeting consumer expectations and contributing to the consolidation of the European Single Market...

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Cen Cenelec is considered to be a business catalyst in European industries and consumers. Our mission is to foster the European economy in global trading, the welfare of European citizens and the environment. We employ 94 people, have 43 members (countries, experts from various industries, etc).

European Standards are increasingly becoming interlinked with European and international policy. The European Commission has initiated a series of policy related activities which need a coordinated approach for CEN and CENELEC (i.e., High Level Forum, Regulation 1025 revision, Strategic Partnership for Africa, EU-US and EU-India TTCs).


  • The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) are looking for a Team leader, internally named after Account Manager to support their European and international policy activities.
  • This position will report directly to the Director Policy & External Affairs (P&EA).
  • You will be responsible for shaping and guiding a team of 5 project managers, who are covering a wide range of European and international policy activities for the benefit of CEN and CENELEC. Priorities for the team include ‘energizing’, structuring, and guidance in order to make best use of their skills and capacities and anchor European and international policy in CEN and CENELEC. You are expected to set clear objectives/goals for the team, managing staff performance and facilitating coordination and implementation of common approaches.

  1. Define and implement an annual policy engagement Action Plan.
  • Prepare an annual policy engagement action plan (incl. KPIs and success measures) which defines the areas of focus and identifies opportunities based on European and international policy priorities, for recommendation to the CEN and CENELEC Policy Groups.
  • Monitor and identify policy activities relevant for CEN and CENELEC and flag topics which need attention to the Director P&EA.
  • Develop and present recommendations and policy positions to the Director P&EA.
  • Perform stakeholders mappings and assess the positions of stakeholders on policy files of interest to CEN and CENELEC.
  • Keep abreast of European and international policy initiatives and trends in order to provide sound advice and creative solutions.

  1. Build networks and policy relationships:
  • Build and strengthen an extensive policy network in Brussels, cultivating valuable relationships with essential EU stakeholders.
  • Monitor, attend and report on European Parliament Committee meetings (ITRE, ENVI, IMCO, etc.) pertaining to related priority files.
  • Attend, contribute and report on industry-led working group meetings in trade associations and multi-stakeholder organisations.
  • Facilitate the uptake and inclusion of CEN and CENELEC in policy events, think tanks discussions, consultancy studies.
  • Engage in public affairs activities to advocate for favourable policies and regulatory frameworks that support the interest of CEN and CENELEC.

  1. Coordination, drafting and reporting.
  • Coordinate Members’ positions and translate them into concrete action at all levels: public position papers, consultation responses, interventions in conferences, etc.
  • Monitor priority legislative files and propose draft amendments for the EP in a timely and agile manner.
  • Evaluate progress and impact and prepare reports and recommendations regarding European and international policy priorities for the CEN and CENELEC Policy Groups.
  • Develop and deliver compelling presentations, briefings, and reports to senior management on key policy issues.
  • Coordinate ‘political’ communication with the internal communications team.

What will your work life look like with your team and your manager?

  • You will join a weekly huddle with the full P&EA team (20+ people) to start the week together as a team and share main priorities.
  • Work will be taking place flexibility in the office (every Tuesday compulsory) as well as home. Although homeworking is possible for this function, this position requires face to face training and inductions for the first 6-8 weeks, where presence in the office will be required more than the compulsory one day a week. Furthermore, the position requires engaging with the team members, which is best done face to face to ensure a strong bond is build, and team dynamics are established and maintained.
  • You will have a weekly touch base with the Director to discuss planning, urgencies, track progress and address bottlenecks. The Director P&EA will introduce you to the working practices and office ‘culture’. With over 20 years of seniority, she is very approachable, and you will appreciate being able to reach out to her at any time.
  • You will work as part of a team, whilst being ready to take on a new challenge as a manager with energy and determination. You will set your own dynamics, to ensure an engaged continuous communication and strong bond.
  • You will collaborate, align, and contribute with them to increasing the understanding and engagement with policy files of CEN and CENELEC stakeholders (i.e., Technical Committee experts, other associations).
  • You will organise team meetings to ensure progress and staying on target and agree annual team members’ individual contributions and their evaluation.
  • Once a month you will have a meeting with your Director and the team to discuss together priorities and progress for European and international policy files. The main take away here is flexibility, adaptability, and continuous communication and exchange to build a strong team together.


  • Five or more years of experience in European policy, or public affairs with a proven background in lobbying and advocacy and comfortable working in the European ‘Brussels bubble’ environment.
  • In-depth knowledge of the functioning of the European Institutions and their processes as well as internal procedures (political and legislative) compulsory.
  • Experience working with trade associations and multi stakeholder groups including NGOs is a plus).
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken), other EU language is an asset.
  • You enjoy working against tight deadlines, are structured and organized.
  • A high capability for prioritization and flexibility, the ability to work on multiple requests, in parallel.
  • Problem solving uplift your spirits.
  • You are confident sharing ideas to help the team evolve.
  • Networking is natural to you and you aim at creating opportunities.
  • You demonstrate robust management skills and experience in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment.
  • The ability to work well in a team, motivating them to work toward achieving common goals (think ahead, anticipate problems, establish actionable plans).

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  • My client offers a permanent Belgian contract (no freelance contract allowed) within a company that truly means an added value to European stakeholders.
  • You will get the chance to work into a multicultural environment in a modern and comfortable working space enabling the employees to feel at home while having moments to concentrate in coworking space or silent rooms or chat in cozy coffee meeting rooms, in our spacious and leafy terrace or in our restaurant while enjoying a free bowl of healthy cereals.
  • The company employs people with responsible skills who are accountable, open to changes, able to get information and spread the information and at least able to take decisions.
  • The opportunity to develop your skills in an international environment at the heart of Brussels.
  • An attractive and competitive salary package with numerous extra-legal benefits.

Triggered by a highly intellectual environment driven by innovation and competitiveness?

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Placed on:Fri 27 October 2023
Location: Brussels


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